Today's Warrior

Today's Warrior

The Today's Warrior website presented a unique opportunity for us as Brand Developers. This is a brand new company, and we were tasked with designing their new logo, yes, but an overall concept of this new brand needed to be developed first. So we took a deep dive with our client, Dave Rohland, immersed ourselves in his vision and goals. Dave has a desire to help people become a healthier, more fitness conscience version of themselves, and basically improve their lives through the development of a better lifestyle. A sub-concept was the compass, pointing you in the right direction, which also applies in Dave's coaching.

So to truly "immerse", Chad became a client of Dave's… a test case, if you will. This truly drove the "David / Slay Your Own Goliath" concept, where we ALL have our daunting life challenges, and for most of us, that is finding a lifestyle we can live with, enjoy, and do it for life. It may have helped that "David" is the client's name as well, but that's a minor detail. 

Todays WarriorWith this strong tailwind, a solid concept was established, and logo was born! Dave provided terrific written content for us to build upon in the creation of the website, which fell together quickly… as most things do when a strong foundation is laid. We took an early morning trip one fine Saturday, and executed a perfect photo shoot which yielded an invaluable stockpile of imagery of Dave and friend/model, Cassandra in action. Even Dave's wife Melissa and bulldog, Daisy gave strong showings. You'll see them all represented at

We were extremely proud to play a pivotal role in this new business for such a terrific friend and coach. With every push-up, morning workout, and healthy meal, we think of David, as we load next stone.



Today's Warrior


10 July 2020


Branding, Logos, Photography

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