Managing Partners Insurance

Managing Partners Insurance

We partnered with Vast Strategies to design and develop their new website, as well as design a new corporate logo, business cards, letterhead, thank you cards, and a new backlit sign for their exterior office front. 

mpiTHE LOGO: The winning design included a strong abbreviation "MPI", which they are known to be called, and a feather quill, which referenced the pertnership between MPI's customers, and the bond MPI creates between their customers and their partner insurance companies. The design was meant to hold up well in 1, 2, and 3-color variations. It's also a strong symbol when used in small and large printed form… corporate collateral and signage.

THE WEBSITE: The page count we were to replicate from the original website was massive… roughly 98. We works hard to streamline the amount of clicks the user would need to make in order to request a quote or make simple contact, reducing the page count to around 60. We employed an everpresent call-to-action throughout the site, which included attention-grabbing animated visuals, which linked to the "Request a Quote" form. We also positioned instant contact forms throughout, and reduced screen footprints dramatically by placing high character count items, like disclaimers, within accordion style drop-down modules.

Web MPI 1170x650The crown jewel of the site is the homepage, where we designed a dynamic, animated story brand slider in the hero space, which quickly and beautifully gives potential customers the overview of MPI. We followed with a brief written message, and added "flip-box" modules for product branding. A Partner Brand carousel and call-to-action round things off. Anyone can make a single click to acquire all the info they need, and inquire.



Managing Partners Insurance


10 July 2020


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