Arctic Vans, LLC

Arctic Vans, LLC

2019 muse platinum hhmWinner of the 2019 Muse Creative Gold Award
"Outstanding Website, Automotive"

We designed the Arctic Vans website as another big project for our long-standing client, Transteck, Inc. in Harrisburg, PA, who subsequently sold off the division to Thermo King West and Thermo King Chesapeake (TKW / TKC). The delivery van upfitter, with their shop - now located in Hagerstown, MD, needed an online presence, and a rebranding of sorts. 


We worked closely with the management and sales staff to design and write the content for the website, and were asked to "bring this product to life online". We had designed the Arctic Vans logo nearly 10 years ago, and were familiar with the product. After a few planning meetings, we were off and running. We wasted no time laying out designs that were completely unique to the that industry. Our goal was to elevate this brand to the top of the food chain, making it hard for customers to look elsewhere.

We mixed real client, on-site photography with stock imagery from All photographic imagery was filtered slightly blue to look colder than normal, matching the blue imagery in page graphics and interactive elements. We used a lot of stock images of Polar Bears and Arctic landscapes in the slider animation as well as the backgrounds and supporting graphics. 

We received stellar praise from the client team upon launching the completed website, which, as always, makes us very happy. A "cool" website for a very hot company… you really can't ask for a better situation.




Arctic Vans, LLC


26 November 2015


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