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Bradford Millwork & Lumber

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Bradford Millwork & Lumber (BML), located near Syracuse, NY, and is a proud, family-owned company. BML contacted Jump Creative in late 2018. They stated they had been in the market for a new website, and had been browsing the internet - looking at websites of businesses in their industry and came across Heister House Millworks website, which we had designed. We had a terrific meeting, discussed their plans, and decided to stay in touch and work together when the time was right.

In May, 2020 the time became right, and BML was ready to get started on their new website. Since this would be their first website for BML, we began with content creation and the procurement of visual imagery. Once the content was approved, we moved on a design which represented both the value of their physical location, given their proximity to the Finger Lakes' abundant variety of quality lumber, as well as their many years of experience in the industry and quality milled products.

The finished website is one that brands Bradford Millwork & Lumber as an industry leader, and rightly so.

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Bradford Millwork & Lumber


26 September 2020


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