UCF Machine Shop Website

UCF Machine Shop Website

For this project, we redesigned the UCF logo and website. The logo was simply a "next level" design which was intended to not be a total departure from the original. This way the client could still utilize current vehicle fleet graphics without the trucks looking too different from the website. The new logo will be phased into the fleet design over time.

The website required our re-development of the online store, where UCF sells cylinder heads nationwide.

This was a great collaboration with Vast Strategies Tammy Vasbinder as well as Denny Knaub, Scott Deibler, and the whole team at UCF. What an incredibly interesting business, located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. If you're a motor head or auto enthusiast and make the annual trek to the Carlisle Auto Show, UCF Machine Shop is a must see. The website is a must see as well!

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UCF Machine Shop


30 March 2020


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