Fluff Monkey

Fluff Monkey

"Sometimes, the greatest things are born out of necessity." We are so proud to be taken along for the ride in marketing this terrific product, the Fluff Monkey. Originally designed as a convenient tool for polishing riding boots and saddles, it has now become a "must have" in the competitive riding and show horse arena. You'll see them used as a fun, cute accessory on braided hair, backpacks, purses, etc. 

As it turns out, the process of making Fluff Monkeys is even more special. Through a family friend working at a local high school, they were introduced to the Life Skills Program which allowed them to offer an opportunity to their special needs students. Through the help of this program, they've developed tools according to the varying abilities of the students.

Jump Creative was contracted to redesign the website for this little phenomenon, and we had a blast doing it. It involved an all day on-site photo shoot at the facility in Seven Valleys, Pennsylvania, where we captured the essence of the manufacturing process, all handmade by the students and staff at Fluff Monkey Enterprises. 

LIVE WEBSITE: https://fluffmonkey.com



Fluff Monkey Enterprise, LLC


14 October 2019


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